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WASHINGTON – Jay Devereaux hadn’t paid much attention to the daily drumbeat of partisan politics in D.C. He wasn’t a Washington nerd, and didn’t know who said what during congressional hearings -- nor did he care. But when news broke that the government was using taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street banks, he started paying attention and didn’t like what he was hearing. <<Full Story>>

Jay Devereaux of Unite in Action, a Tennessee tea party group, became emotional when he spoke about applying for tax-exempt status. He filed with the IRS for his group in March of 2010 and has not been cleared yet. In January 2012, he received a letter from the IRS seeking his donors' names. Instead of complying, he posted the letter on his group's website, he said, which hurt contributions. Donors don't want to give to groups perceived to be in trouble with the IRS. <<Full Story>>

Conservative groups from across the country are named in the federal lawsuit, among them: Allen Area Patriots of Lucas, Texas, Unite In Action of Livonia, Mich., Greenwich Tea Party Patriots of South Jersey, and the Shelby County Liberty Group of Sidney, Ohio. <<Full Story>>

WASHINGTON – A Washington advocacy group filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the IRS and top Obama administration officials on behalf of 25 Tea Party-related groups, marking the biggest lawsuit to date over the tax agency's practice of targeting conservatives for additional scrutiny. <<Full Story>>


(Washington, DC) - The American Center for Law and Justice today filed a significant lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C. on behalf of 25 Tea Party and conservative organizations against the U.S. Attorney General, Treasury Secretary, and Internal Revenue Service - including top IRS officials. <<Full Release>>

Case 1:13-cv-00777 Document 1 Amended Complaint Filed 10/18/13 <<SeePDF>>


Nashville, TN March 12, 2012 Unite in Action (UIA) has acquired the representation of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) in its communications with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Recently UIA received a letter from the IRS concerning its application for tax exempt status. Like those received by many Tea Party and other grassroots-based organizations, the letter was outrageously intrusive and intimidating. <<Read More>>

Benjamin Smith @ Special Operations for America Event

Benjamin Smith, who spent six years as a SEAL, said he is upset by the level of detail that emerged about the bin Laden operation. Special operations personnel have a mystique that depends on secrecy, he said, and details about the use of stealth helicopters and other information that leaked about the operation run counter to the way they conduct themselves.

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About Unite In Action

Unite In Action serves as a roundtable for patriot movement groups to share information, initiatives and action. Each group retains it's autonomy, but works with the rest to focus on the main goal - restoring liberty. Alone, each of our organizations can only spread action ideas and education within our own memberships. "Together we can focus a nation. Together, we can save our country."
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